Thursday, January 9, 2014


Who doesn't love them some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles???
Growing up as a fan, I decided it was time to illustrate a piece & throw some love for these heroes in a half shell!!

Compilation of some characters from the franchise that I drew & finished with inks.

     Tom Chu was kind enough to do two versions of the piece in color which both turned out gorgeous!! Check out his mad coloring skillz!
Comic book version

Cartoon version.
 Here's a series of pieces that were commissioned & later collected in this block stack to be colored. My pencils were inked by Mark McKenna & then the collection was digitally colored by James Babbo. Below you can see the originals before color was added.


Monday, December 9, 2013


    A recent piece I did for the comic series HAVEN KNIGHTS which is a fantasy book published under Ken Austin's Tenth World Comics label.
     I had met Ken at a recent show we were exhibiting at & he had asked me if I'd like to do pin up art for his comic. As I'm always down to draw, I decided I would do my version of his Lady Kira character who is a beautiful Elf-like figure with strong features & metallic, bejeweled attire. 

     This work was drawn in pencil & then given an ink-wash followed with painted inks after & finished with paint.
     To see more about Haven Knights visit:


Friday, November 29, 2013


So this past weekend I was a guest at COLLECTORS CON in Baltimore, MD along with some artist buddies. Mark McKenna, Victor Castro & I drove the 5 or 6 hours from NY to spend the day sharing our art & comic books with attendees as well as hang with all our buddies who write, draw, publish & are part of the creative process we live for.
Our side of the exhibitor floor was lined up with great creative people & good friends.
Seen here above, Mark & I designed a piece with the cons logo characters which was colored by Michael Oppenheimer & used as the program art for the show.
A fan purchased the original art for the con exclusive program guide!

Guest of honor Jim Staranko stopped by our table for a pic
Giving some love to the very talented Ken Hunt
Living Corpse creators Ken & Buzz

Indy comic & pop culture enthusiast Rob Bruce picked up copies of each of Mark & my creator-owned titles
     This show was very important for me as it was where I debuted one of my self-published titles.
A TASTE FOR KILLING #2 came out just in time for the con & I have to say that this book will always be one of my most cherished works. I am so proud of how this little book turned out. The series is something that has a self contained story/stories in subject matter & this issue featured WEREWOLVES which are one of my favorite creatures in horror. I can really see how I have grown as an artist on the pages & always love when I get to write my stories since I enjoy writing as much as drawing.... well, almost as much lol!
     I am also very honored to have pin up art from upcoming & well-known artists & writers displayed in the book. Props go out to creators RICHARD BONK, LEO CHERRY, JOSH SHOCKLEY, BRIAN SPICER, KIEL CREAGH & BRANDON SPICER for the amazing works they have contributed to this issue. THANKS to all of you for being a part of this & adding your amazing talents the book!!!
     Here's a few interior pages to check out from the newest issue of A TASTE FOR KILLING featuring "there's No Such Thing" & "Hair Of The Dog"!!!

     A couple cool cosplays from the day:

Brandy rocks a girl Gambit
I do believe this Mortal Combat duo won the cosplay contest
     Aaaaaand here's the fun stuff: SKETCHES!!!!
Victor & I had a fun night playing on pre-orders before the show
Commission request by Joe Perry for a JACK BURTON/ASH WILLIAMS team up!

     After con gaming is always fun when I get to unwind & have a few with friends. Good times with Mark McKenna, Victor Castro, PLB Comics gang Josh Shockley, James & Miranda Dufendach & Mat Shockley, Living Corpse duo Ken & Buzz, Comic Book Men's Ming Chen & Rob Bruce, Bob Garr,  attendees Joe Perry, Rob & Brandy Gibson, Was great hanging with all you guys!!

Big thanks to the group at Collectors Corner for throwing a great & successful convention!!

Check out this Podcast from the show!

Sunday, November 17, 2013


     PLB COMICS has released THE ART OF NIKKOL JELENIC Vol. #2!!! This issue contains two fully illustrated epic tales from the pages of PLB Comics Halloween Specials.
First appearing in the book is "LEGENDARY". A fantastic story centered around a legendary dragon slayer & young warrior looking to battle the slayer & take the title of his legendary status. When an ancient force emerges to threaten the two, they will fight together to destroy a common enemy.

     A true tale of terror takes the latter part of the book in "TO BE LOVED".
     A group of kids out for a night of trick or treating, a conjuring pair of witches, a psychotic elderly woman & a inter-dimensional creature are all in for a horrific night of terror when they cross paths on Halloween night.
     I've really enjoyed illustrating these stories, especially the full collaborative work shared with super artist GREG LAROCQUE & writers JOSH SHOCKLEY & JAMES DUFENDACH.
     I designed two interior covers exclusively in this book for each story & am very proud to have drawn the exterior cover as well, which is very dear to my heart as it is my 1st fully painted work in three years.
Order your copy today at

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Check out all the fun from the November ALBANY COMIC CON NY!!

This shows theme for the VIP sketch was VILLAINS so I decided to do Top Cows ANGELUS! The original piece featured Darklings at the bottom on the pin up which was auctioned off at the convention.
The single figure of this babe was incorporated into a jam piece with many other fantastic artists who contributed to the auction & all proceeds will benefit: "Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Capital Region, Inc. Albany, NY"
                  For more info on the Ronald McDonald House Charities click on:
There were so many great talents there & I was so stoked to hang out with a lot of them for the weekend. Here's some fun with friends: 
Me, Tom Raney & Mike White
My beautiful booth babe Shannon AKA Harley

JC hooks up tequila like a BOSS!

Harley gets some explosive cupcake action from a fan!
Argo Comics creator Dan Sehn hooked it up with an issue featuring my art
FANBOYSINC crew Joe O'Neill & Herb Cloutier with Jason Moore checking out some art
Getting some love from Herb as he takes a break from the FBI Podcast
So many great people attended the show & was awesome to have them stop by to chat, check out my books & pick up art!

                    Got in a lot of cool sketch requests! Check out these original pencil pieces:

Rick wanted a Godzilla sketch but ended up with two pieces thanks to his buddy Herb hooking him up with a Joker sketch!

Lucky Liv was surprised by her bf Frank when he requested a likeness of her cosplay :)

I was pretty stoked to have someone ask for my version of a vampire
Aaaaaand on with the COSPLAY!!!!

     Had a fabulous time at the Albany Comic Con Ny! Books & art all did really well & I greatly appreciate all the support from everyone who picked something up.
All the good company made this show so fun for me & it was awesome hanging w
ith friends old & new!!
      Super big thanks to John Belskis for all his hard work & kudos for putting on such an amazing show!
     Special thanks to Herb Cloutier, Jason Moore & John Lauterbach for providing muscles to help me pick things up & put dem down! And major love to my girl Shannon Lee Campione for being an awesome booth babe. Really appreciated all your help!