Thursday, January 9, 2014


Who doesn't love them some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles???
Growing up as a fan, I decided it was time to illustrate a piece & throw some love for these heroes in a half shell!!

Compilation of some characters from the franchise that I drew & finished with inks.

     Tom Chu was kind enough to do two versions of the piece in color which both turned out gorgeous!! Check out his mad coloring skillz!
Comic book version

Cartoon version.
 Here's a series of pieces that were commissioned & later collected in this block stack to be colored. My pencils were inked by Mark McKenna & then the collection was digitally colored by James Babbo. Below you can see the originals before color was added.



Troy Vevasis said...


I would be interested in buying a commission from you. How much do you charge for a commission?


NIKKOL said...

Hello Troy!
Thank you for your interest & you can msg me here for commission inquiries:

shawn wickham said...

Hello Nikkol,

Really like the work that I've seen.

I'm interested in discussing a "Spawn" commission from you, however do not have a Facebook account. Do you have any your prices listed anywhere else?

Additional Q - are you going to be at Chicago Con in August?

Thank you.