Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The con was an awesome experience full of memorable moments & good times. Got to hang with my PLB homies (which was my favorite part) & i also had a new opportunity to take in all the cool architecture & culture within the city of Philadelphia! Check out some of the highlights & fun i had from this past weekend :)
Creators of PLB Comics Josh Shockley & Mat Shockley
Our rockn booth!

Pretty pixie babe Brenna Shockley

 One of the most fun things for me was having people check out my art & commissioning original pieces upon request!
Rockn' out a vivacious vampirella piece
Sara holding a piece i did for her character inspired by Thomas Willeford's Steampunk line
Super sexy Mel as PLB's Voluptuous vampire demoness Cassandra
 Another kickass part of the con was meeting really cool indie creators!
Brad Hudson of Coldstream Studios. Here we are holding the WW Philly exclusive cover for his 'Tales From The One Eyed Pussy' Sci-Fi Anthology book which featured my 'BLUD BOUNTY' story & art
Artist Mike Carmean who is an awesome colorist & has done some killer color work for me

Artist CJ Draden who did a very cool cover for PLB's 2nd issue of The Fall & is one of the greatest creative minds in mixed media i have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Here we are holding his Pinnochio piece

Of course one of the best parts of any convention is the costumes! These people go all out & show their support for their fav pop culture icons & i can't help but snag a photo of the incredible effort they have put into these outfits
Casey Jones & April O'Neil
Helllllz yeah Hellboy!!!

If they really had delt it they were kind enough to make sure no one had smelt it ;)
I'm always on the lookout for a hot Leia & apparently they hang out in the bathrooms @ cons & give free massages in con booths
Yeah... i totally got me a hug

 So in all i had a super fun time at my first Wizard World in Philly & i want to thank the PLB group for making my time there so awesome & comfortable. The Philly fans were great & the other exhibitors were very cool & interesting people. Thanks to everyone for your support & if ya missed out on the books released at the con you can pick up 'The Fall: Vengeance & Justice' at http://www.plbcomics.com/ & 'Tales From The One Eyed Pussy' at http://coldstreamstudios.com/

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