Friday, November 29, 2013


So this past weekend I was a guest at COLLECTORS CON in Baltimore, MD along with some artist buddies. Mark McKenna, Victor Castro & I drove the 5 or 6 hours from NY to spend the day sharing our art & comic books with attendees as well as hang with all our buddies who write, draw, publish & are part of the creative process we live for.
Our side of the exhibitor floor was lined up with great creative people & good friends.
Seen here above, Mark & I designed a piece with the cons logo characters which was colored by Michael Oppenheimer & used as the program art for the show.
A fan purchased the original art for the con exclusive program guide!

Guest of honor Jim Staranko stopped by our table for a pic
Giving some love to the very talented Ken Hunt
Living Corpse creators Ken & Buzz

Indy comic & pop culture enthusiast Rob Bruce picked up copies of each of Mark & my creator-owned titles
     This show was very important for me as it was where I debuted one of my self-published titles.
A TASTE FOR KILLING #2 came out just in time for the con & I have to say that this book will always be one of my most cherished works. I am so proud of how this little book turned out. The series is something that has a self contained story/stories in subject matter & this issue featured WEREWOLVES which are one of my favorite creatures in horror. I can really see how I have grown as an artist on the pages & always love when I get to write my stories since I enjoy writing as much as drawing.... well, almost as much lol!
     I am also very honored to have pin up art from upcoming & well-known artists & writers displayed in the book. Props go out to creators RICHARD BONK, LEO CHERRY, JOSH SHOCKLEY, BRIAN SPICER, KIEL CREAGH & BRANDON SPICER for the amazing works they have contributed to this issue. THANKS to all of you for being a part of this & adding your amazing talents the book!!!
     Here's a few interior pages to check out from the newest issue of A TASTE FOR KILLING featuring "there's No Such Thing" & "Hair Of The Dog"!!!

     A couple cool cosplays from the day:

Brandy rocks a girl Gambit
I do believe this Mortal Combat duo won the cosplay contest
     Aaaaaand here's the fun stuff: SKETCHES!!!!
Victor & I had a fun night playing on pre-orders before the show
Commission request by Joe Perry for a JACK BURTON/ASH WILLIAMS team up!

     After con gaming is always fun when I get to unwind & have a few with friends. Good times with Mark McKenna, Victor Castro, PLB Comics gang Josh Shockley, James & Miranda Dufendach & Mat Shockley, Living Corpse duo Ken & Buzz, Comic Book Men's Ming Chen & Rob Bruce, Bob Garr,  attendees Joe Perry, Rob & Brandy Gibson, Was great hanging with all you guys!!

Big thanks to the group at Collectors Corner for throwing a great & successful convention!!

Check out this Podcast from the show!

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