Monday, September 1, 2014


 Here's me all set up for the convention in Hartford, CT & it was a blast!
My table ... dwarfed by Mike Mckone's banner stand lol!
Aaaaaand here's some fun art I did at the show!
MJ Hitgirl!
Spidey sketch cover
Black Canary

The allusive Wolvie-Corn

5 min Gambit sketch

This a sketch I penciled with the intention of having an amazing inker go over...

And here she is finished with inks by the incredibly talented KENT HUNT!
 Got some fun pics of cosplay peeps & friends!

Me with the Comic Depot boys, Darren & Chris!

Mike White, Mike McKone, Tom Raney & Joe Benitez having some drinks

Jack Purcell & Tome Chu

Paul Harding & Ron Marz


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