Monday, May 22, 2017


       Aaaand here we are at the fall show in Saratoga. This show I debuted the newest issue of A TASTE FOR KILLING from Acid i Comics which featured very cool WITCH-themed works from the very talented JEFF AYERS (of Fanboys Inc), ANDER ZARATE (of Star Wars), LEO R. CHERRY (of A Taste For Killing & The Fall), JEFF BONESTEEL (of A Taste For Killing & Cross Realms), JOSH SHOCKLEY (of PLB Comics), BRIAN SPICER (of A Taste For Killing & The Fall), ROBERT GARR (of Until We Sleep), PETER HENEL (of ATaste For Killing), WILL RODRIGUEZ  (of ATaste For Killing) & RYAN BUTT  (of ATaste For Killing & Cross Realms).

Getting some serious work done!

 Getting some serious goofing off done! I KILLED Kenny! BASTARD!!!!!!
 Steve Orlando got some serious work done, too!

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