Monday, June 17, 2013


     So this years summer show at the ALBANY COMIC CON NY was a blast & I thought I'd share some of the fun & highlights :)
     As always I had plenty of prints & comics to pick up, but this show was so much more fun in that more people were requesting original works which had me drawing one of a kind pieces for the last half of the show!
     Here's some fun art attendees walked away with:

Little LOBO action
Quick DEATHSTROKE sketch

Ditched the carrots & back to being THE COOKIE MONSTER ... as long as they're organic!

Family portrait TOP COW style

MS. MOLECULE from Argo Comics for creator Dan Sehn

     Of course I love checking out all the cosplay! Here's some fun costumes:
The Droid everyone was looking for

Not sure who she was, but it 's pretty damn rad
Dropping some live long & prosper signs
     And at any show, it's always great to see all the creative talents there as well as having your buddies drop by to show some love :D
My gorgeous gal pal Karen Massaro

Comic book aficionado & punk music master Mark Jerkblonski 

The always entertaining & talented John Hebert

Ink master & super artist Richard Bonk & his daughter Elizabeth
The very talented penciler Jesse Wichmann & comic creator Dan Sehn

Want to give a shout out to John Belskis for coordinating such an awesome event & thank everyone who stopped by my table to chat & pick up art. Special thanks to Karen Massaro & Rachel Kelchlin for being the best booth babes. Really appreciated your help ladies!

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