Friday, July 29, 2016

Fc3 2016

This was a first time show & my first time in Rochester, NY. Flower city Comic Con was so much fun & I really enjoyed visiting the downtown area.
Very cool happening that I got to meet one of the artists who submitted to my A TASTE FOR KILLING book! Will Rodriguez's WITCH pin up made for a gorgeous juxtaposition to writer, Jeff Ayers' story entry!
Here's one of THE MOST metal cosplays I've ever seen!!! \m/

Sketching at this show was an absolute blast! Here's some funness:

Great seeing my wee cuz, Heather & here mini me!
Bowing up for the show!
Will & his wife Gi Gi joined me for BBQ eats at a local spot! (I had been trying to get into the place for days & finally got lucky on the last one I was in town lol!) GOOD TIMES!!!

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