Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Check out the ACC summer funness!!! With the Civil War movie out around this time, the guests all had these fun promo ads made up by Fanboys Inc's very talented Herb Cloutier!
As always, the show auctions off art for the Ronald McDonald House Charity & this show's theme was comic characters that have been made into TV shows. I went with SPAWN!!! He had a really cool animated show on HBO years ago & is one of my top fav character :)
Here is the figures of every Artists design in a cool jam piece for VIP attendees.

And here is my full pin up with the decapitated heads of his enemies for the auction winner!
This was a really cool commission piece of Glorith II someone wanted to give his friend & then later had every piece of art, each Artist drawing a different character from the Legion of Superheroes, collected into a giant image for a jigsaw puzzle!

Aaaaand sketches from the show!!

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