Sunday, June 18, 2017

FCBD 2017 & Hudson Valley CC

 I'm was so stoked & honored to have been invited as an artist for the 2017 FCBD at The Comic Depot in Saratoga Springs & Excellent Adventures in Balston Spa for dual events!! This year was very special to me as it was the 1st year without my friend Darren, owner of The Comic Depot, since his recent passing. I wanted to make it very special for anyone who came to get art & comics from me as I know the staff at both locations did as well.
My very kind friends at
Excellent Adventures, The Comic Depot & Earthworld Comics took donations for our beloved friend Darren Carrara's charity on FCBD at their stores & I decided that every head sketch I would do at both stores would be donated to the Darren Carrara Memorial Fund.

  There was a lot of cool comic creators, friends & supporters of these local shops & of course, lots of COMICS! Darren was such a great guy & so loved by the community. Just so wonderful to see all my favorite comic shop guys joining forces to help out his kids as well as everyone who came in to show love & support of everything that meant so much to Darren.

Here's some highlights from the day!!!


Mia with her Death head!

Fellow artist, Bonesteel at The Comic Depot

Mine & Bonesteel's duel mini sketches

Owner of Excellent Adventures &good friend, John Belskis

Good buddaaaays line up: Rob, Kateri, Danielle, Derek & Fletch!

Matt with his Joker caricature

The lovely Jackie

Post FCBD drinkies with a great bunch of peeps: Kateri, Mia, Kristi, Jeff, Dave, Rachel, Christopher, Tricia, & Lowell!

Treeeesha deeeesha!!!
Post FCBD eats with Richard, Tricia & Christopher

Goldsmith sib bookends! Justin & Jackie

The best thing about this weekend was that the day after FCBD, my friend Ming hooked up some funness at a comic con in Hudson valley!!
Here's some highlights from the Hudson Valley Comic Con!!
Wonder Woman & Lady Death vs Zombie versions of their enemies!!

Hanging ten with Tai from The Last Dragon
Herb aka DW, the Pod cast extraordinaire!

Kicknit with Buddy & Ming, pre-game drinks!

BIG thanks to John Belskis, Kristi Carrara, Ming & the staff at The Comic Depot for all their hard work putting together every part of the funness that went down for these events.

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