Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Wolverine has been one of my most favorite comic book characters for a long time which seems cliche as he is def one Marvels most popular big guns. But one of the main reasons i got into X-men & other Marvel titles is because of him & a good chunk of my comic collection is under his name. So i decided to put my new found color skills to work in his honor. This is one of my best selling prints which is confusing & understandable at the same time. This image is one of the simplest drawings i've done compared to some of my other art so it surprises me when someone picks it up over a more complex piece. On the other hand, i understand why it does so well because more than anything people are quicker to pick up art that has familiarity to it rather than concepts that aren't quite as well known to them & Wolverine is really one of the most recognizable comic book characters of all time. At conventions, and now that it has more volume with color, this picture may speak even louder to people when they look through my art & deciding which piece of mine they'd like to take with them.  
Wolvie not only got his start in the Hulk books, but has had some cool run ins with the big green guy time & time again. I was inspired to draw this piece from my favorite & most memorable moment in the Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk series.

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