Tuesday, August 30, 2011


This was a most enjoyable pin-up to work on being part artist, part comic book geek & part floral designer! Poison Ivy is one of the coolest villains in the Batman franchise & one of DC's hottest babes. I've always wanted to do a piece for this character to embody her as a deadly force & deliver her intoxicating sexiness. The decision to eliminate the typical foliage costume & draw her nude with ivy garland both makes the character identifiable & gives her extra sex appeal. Incorporating plants in the backdrop made a natural setting for Poison Ivy but i didn't want to use just any plants. I felt they should be just as dangerous as this viscious villain can be. Every plant is carnivorous except the rose bush. But with the thorns, roses can be a dangerous beauty just as much as Pamela Isley.


/-\|_!> said...

Holy fuckin' WOW; excellent depiction of my dream girl, haha ;) Botanicals are particularly difficult to draw, but not only did you managed to make these plants look realistic; you also managed to magnify them and make them appear to come out of the paper using texture and intricate details to your advantage. VERY NIIIICE!
I don't feel it necessary to get into how perfect your depiction of this FEMME FATALE is, since it's common knowledge (or soon to become so) that any chick Nikkol draws up is bound to look like a beautiful death wish with sex appeal, lmao. :P

)))NIKKOL((( said...

Glad i could interpret the girl of your dreams adequately & thank you for your kind words on the piece :)