Friday, September 9, 2011


Ok, so this is an exciting picture for me to have done not only because i got to do a pin-up of  one of the sexiest characters ever created, but it's my first attempt at doing digital coloring! Most people who see my art know how much i love drawing the ladies and i've always wanted to do this babe, but i couldn't leave out the source of her roots & had to incorporate Evil Ernie in here too. Lady Death had to be the focus though so i thought it best to have him kinda sneaking into the picture by popping his head through her cape. Smiley had to make an appearance as well & since i hid Ernie's jacket, i pinned him into his hair instead. I know i could've easily have pinned Smiley onto Death's outfit, but i felt he had to be on Ernie somehow & he won't be overlooked since he really stands out against that dark hair.
Lady death was created by Brian Pulido & Steven Hughes. She first appeared in the Evil Ernie comics but became so popular, she got her own series & is one of the most badassed babes in comics!


Anonymous said...

You know I like this one Nikkol...very cool piece.

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