Tuesday, September 11, 2012


SCALPED is a comic that I've really dug for almost a decade & I just can't wait to get my hands on & read with every issue that comes out. Every time an arc ends, I worry that the series is over with dread... but it keeps on going & as long as it does, I'll keep reading.
Taking place in Sout Dakota, the stories centers on a tribe where the individual characters deal with common problems tribes face while living on a reservation in more modern times such as domestic & political affairs, gang crimes, alcoholism & poverty due to location while struggling to maintain their culture.
I decided to do a pinup, not of the main characters Dashiell Bad Horse or Chief Red Crow, but of Carol Ellroy who is Bad Horses lover & Red Crows daughter. I feel she is somewhat of a glue, unknowingly by any of them, that links them together while stopping them from being full on enemies (Even though none of them really have the best relationships with each other).
Carol struggles with a lot of inner turmoil & I thought it fitting to display her agnst in a dreamcather. She & Bad Horse had a baby which she decided to abort wihout telling him & Redcrow had recently been informed of causing him to lash out at Bad Horse. Carol also has an extreme drug addiction which may be an outlet for her to try to escape the relationships she has with these two men that are more troubling than healthy.
This is just a great series which Jason Aaron has written. He has developed such amazing characters that the story will keep any reader hooked & R. M. Guera's art will having you fixated on the incredible visuals.


Maria Johnson said...

I heard they might be making Scalped into a TV show! How cool would that be? Cool drawings :)

Maria Johnson said...

I read an article about the writers and producers looking for TV networks to start a Scalped series. How cool would that be? Cool drawings :)

Maria Johnson said...

I read an article saying the writer and producers are looking for a TV network to submit a series of Scalped. How cool would that be? Nice drawings by the way.