Tuesday, November 13, 2012


     So this was my second show at the Albany Comic Con since I moved to the east coast & I have to say that it was even more fun than the first time around! The crowd was amazing, the vendors had really cool stuff & there were a lot of great artists!
Check out more from PLB COMICS at www.plbcomics.com
      I was super excited to have PLB COMICS 'Spotlight Issue' debut for the con and more than half of the copies ended up in the hands of vampire & vigilante comic fans!
 I also had my first self published comic under my ACID I COMICS label 'A Taste For Killing' which sold out before the show was over! 
     As always at the comic cons, there were those cool cosplay peeps & this Alien was hands down my fav! These two fans of the epic franchise made every piece of their costumes & Ripleys gun actually blasted heat!
     Here's some more cool outfits from the show: 
The super babes of EARTHWORLD COMICS Albany, NY
Gambit loves me cuz I'm rocking some Rogue streaks ;)
Having fun with Bane & Riddler
     My favorite part of these shows is meeting people & doing sketches. Here's some of the attendees who picked up some art from me :)
Did a Wolverine sketch for this cool kid & since he's sporting a Supes T, I love how the camera gave him some red eye lol!
This is a pinup of the character LADY BLACKSTAR from Sorority of Power. Check out more from Argo Comics at www.argocomics.com
In honor of Veterans Day, this gentleman had me do a Power Girl Uncle Sam
Deadpool angry he has no tacos
These two girls came by my booth & I saw they had just gotten some fresh ink

     The Con was a blast & I want to thank John for putting together such a great event & everyone who came & showed love to me & all the other local artists. Special thanks to PLB Comics for getting the book out in time for the show even with a hurricane coming at us! And big thanks to my Dad, who has now attended his 2nd comic convention ever, for all his love & support he gives me which keeps me drawing & doing the things that mean so much to me.

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