Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Check out this cool write up for a sketch I did at a con :)

Hand drawn or painted FDC (first day covers) have been done since the 1940s. Over the past few years I have begun combining my collection of comic character hand drawn sketches with FDCs. This blog is being maintained for the purpose of sharing my collection...

Nikkol Jelenic - Power Girl 

2012.11.11 Albany Comic Con, Albany, NY "I Want You!"
When I attended the Albany show, I had the idea of getting an Uncle Sam sketch. It was after all Veterans Day and I was coming from Troy, NY (the home of Uncle Sam) after I picked up my eldest son Mike, who attends RPI in Troy, just across the Hudson from Albany.
When I approached Nikkol Jelenic's table it was not for an Uncle Sam sketch, since most her work seemed to focus on women and vampires. After a brief discussion about what I was looking for Nikkol suggested Supergirl or Power Girl, since they both wore red, white and blue. I agreed to a Power Girl sketch and handed over an appropriate Marilyn Monroe FDC. When I picked up the cover I was greatly impressed, Power Girl was wearing Uncle Sam's hat and gesturing like the old man himself! More than I expected.
I also picked up Nikkol's book from PLB Comics - The Art of Nikkol Jelenic which features several short stories and variant cover Nikkol has done for PLB - Vegas, Baby, Vegas, (written by Josh Shockley), Fatal Fortune (written by Josh Shockley) and A Tale of Autumn (written by James Dufendach) and Voodoo Child (written by Josh Shockley).
From the back page: "As far as a medium of entertainment, comic books are one of my most favorite to indulge in. Being both a fan and creator, I have taken what I love in the writing and art from the books I collect and allowed it to shape my own work...."



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