Tuesday, November 15, 2011


When i was a kid the only mainstream comicbook characters that could hold my interest were Wolverine & Batman. This was because i've never really been i huge fan of classic superheroes that are true to what 'the good guy' is typically characterized by. Those heroes that were pure of heart & always out to do the right thing for the masses aren't necessarily a bad thing...that gig just gets boring for me. I prefer horror-esque tales rather than seeing the constant fight to save the world from the arch enemy while always trying to get the girl in the end. While that's always an okay standard for most comics, i find myself being more prone to get lost in stories that had a darker edge to them. Wolvie & Bats were more of the antihero than superhero. They come from dark pasts that haunt them, are in a constant battle against viscious evil & don't always want to fight the fight but are still have good character so they tend to find themselves doing the right thing purely because they're not douchebags. This brings me to Jackie Estacado: the bearer of The Darkness & the ultimate antihero that can actually pull off being a total dick but still be a good guy deep down. When i got my hands on this series, i was hooked! It had everything i ever wanted in a comicbook & the fact that, to me, it had more of a horror feel to it than a superhero book, made it all the more addicting. Of course, the fact that the series has had the most visually gorgeous art splashed on it's pages was enough to grab my eye even if the story was crap which it is in no way less than amazing as well. I give so much credit to this series for my serious interest in illustrating books & have learned so much from the incredibly talented artists that have contributed to it. The Darkness has been & always will be in the top of my list of great comicbooks.

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