Tuesday, July 12, 2011


 PLB Comics is releasing one of its 'Presents' titles 'Gideon & Sebastian' in its 1st issue solo series featuring Gideon (a hardass priest) & Sebastian (a chill vampire) who team up to hunt evil bloodsuckers of the night! My story is written by PLB's Josh Shockley & lettered by James Dufendach which takes place in a vegas night club which the duo find to be infested with vampires! Look for 'GIDEON & SEBASTIAN: PREDATORS & PREY' @ http://www.plbcomics.com/
Gideon West is a man tormented by his past. In an effort to block out his horrific memories, he focuses on the one thing that gives his new life meaning: his job as a vampire hunter for the Catholic Church. Torn between his faith and his desire for vengeance, Gideon is a man on the edge. Soon, as a new force in the vampire world rises to power, Gideon is going to be tormented far more than he ever dreamed possible. Unwillingly by his side is Sebastian, a wild, carefree vampire assigned as the stern hunter's guide. As the two unlikely allies uncover the truth, they quickly find that they go from being the hunters... to being the hunted.


Duncan said...

YAR!!! I need to get a copy and have the artist sign it for me. She is awesome like that!

}>NIKKOL<{ said...

Lol right on Dude! I'll keep ya posted on when they'll be available online :)