Monday, February 27, 2012


Spawn is, in my opinion, hands down the greatest comic series of the modern era & one of the first books that hooked me enough to actually read instead of just looking at the art which is just as awesome as the story. Spawn is def one of the strongest titles published under Image Comics. Even after killing off the long time main character Al Simmons, Spawn is still going strong breaking it's 200th issue!
Created by the uber talented Todd McFarlane, Spawn has been one of the biggest influences to me creatively both in art & writing. McFarlane is, without question, one of my top fav artists in comics of all time & fueling much of my desire to both create comics & enjoy them.
Needless to say, paying tribute to this series was prob one of the most fun & dear to the heart pin ups i've ever drawn.

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