Wednesday, September 18, 2013


So PLB Comics has put out another Helloween issue, which debuted at this years BALTIMORE COMIC CON, that I've been fortunate enough to be a part of & I have to say, this one was even MORE fun than the last!!!
It's so great to work with writers who develop scripts to cater to my taste in comics.
In this issue, I provided the visuals to Josh Shockley's "TO BE LOVED" story which is full of monsters, psycho killers, hot babes, gore & a good ole fun-creepy horror feel!

     Here's a look at some page work I did along with some panel peeks:

The script featured 3 stories I had to draw & eventually have come together full circle as one...
...An imprisoned inter-dimensional monster struggling for freedom & revenge.

...Youthful holiday enthusiasts seeking tricks & treats unknowingly from a psycho killer.
...A sexxxy duo conjuring up spells with witchcraft.
As horrific as this story is, it will surprise you to see there is a happy ending... well, not for everyone ;D
               **************************     REVIEWS     ***************************

                                                                   "To Be Loved"

This was my favorite story in the entire book. The plot begins like a bad horror film, with two buxom women attempting to create a portal into a different dimension to pull forth evil creatures via a child sacrifice and making out. The story has a great twist that I won’t spoil, but this story is easily the best in the book and more than makes up for the price of admission. It looks and feels like a horror movie, and is exactly what I expected from a Halloween story.


     Debuting this weekend at Baltimore Comic Con, independent comic book publisher PLB Comics have released their second annual Halloween Special. The hefty thirty-six page book is jam packed with tales of terror, suspense and revenge. The anthology overall is entertaining with some stories standing out more so than others, but the entire package is worth picking up.
Featuring a multitude of differing styles, this book features five self-contained stories with writing and artwork from such notable indie creators as Josh Shockley, Nikkol Jelenic, Cheltsey Vann, Ryan Thompson, Brandon Spicer, Brian Spicer, Miranda and James Dufendach, as well as a pin up by Buz Hasson and Ken Haeser creators of The Living Corpse
The art too is really good for an independent comic produced by a small publisher. Overall, it’s a solid entry.

     Nikkol Jelenic brings a distinctively horror-comic style to this story, with detail and fantastic line work.  The story is creepily perfect for Halloween, and has the kind of twist ending that reminds me of Tales from the Crypt on HBO.

     This was such a fun story to illustrate & fun to read Shockley's tale so I encourage anyone who loves horror to pick up a copy. Also, since it is an anthology, there are 4 other stories to sink your fangs into!
     Check out this book featuring works by indie creators James & Miranda Dufendach,  The Spicer Brothers; Brian & Brandon, Ryan Thompson, Josh Shockley & Cheltsey Vann.   
     Add ISSUE#2 to your collection now!! Available anywhere PLB Comic's titles are sold or order online at

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