Friday, April 10, 2015


     A TASTE FOR KILLING #3 came out & will be out for my 1st comic convention of 2015! 
I am so happy with the way the entire issue turned out as whole. The series is something that has a self contained story/stories in subject matter & this issue featured SEA CREATURES which can go in so many directions so I decided to put a variety of things in my main story "Reaper of the Abyss" such as Mermaids, Prehistoric Giants, Ancient Earth Gods & even Pirates!
It's rare that I ever feel my writing can even come close to mirroring my more artistic raw skills, but this storyline is so spot on & quite deep that it really makes me want to keep creating on every level when I see myself making something that I can truly be proud of & want to share with others.
     I am also very honored to have pin up art & short stories from upcoming & well-known artists & writers displayed in the book. Props go out to creators BLAIR SMITH, MARK MCKENNA,  JAMES DUFENDACH, LEO CHERRY, JOSH SHOCKLEY, BRIAN SPICER & JEFF BONESTEEL for the amazing works they have contributed to this issue. THANKS to all of you for being a part of this & adding your amazing talents the book!!!
     Here's a few interior pages to check out from the newest issue of A TASTE FOR KILLING featuring the original penciled cover!

                                                             Check out these reviews!

 "Well crafted, and supremely fun, this story will be sure to make the most hardcore horror fan happy, and maybe turn others into fans of the genre as well."
~ Jeff Ayers of NEON GODS

 "The writing is lyrical at times, almost sounding more like a poetic fairy tale as opposed to the usual content that one expects from horror.  As the story progresses, there is a notable atmosphere built up around the role of man and the sea, and while it doesn’t reference any specific work from literature, it maintains this same theme, going more for a spooky appreciation of the abyss as opposed to having monsters jump out at the reader at all times." 

"Including the extra stories and art, Taste is a solid book, and a worthwhile read. Publishing under the name Acid i, Jelenic is a small press name to keep an eye out for."
"Interesting shapes that fit well with horror & the idea of the story. It felt like an episode of Tales From The Crypt to me. I really liked the art style, I used to read those Eerie magazines when I was a kid and it really felt like that."
~G33kpod ( Podcast 77:37 mins in )

     This issue debuted at a book signing in Saratoga, NY at local comic shop THE COMIC DEPOT where 50 copies sold in just a few hours! Big deal for an Indie publisher such as myself & it was awesome to share the moment with one of the submitters, Jeff Bonesteel.

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