Tuesday, March 26, 2013


     The newest issue of PLB Comics "THE FALL" is out & delivering its 4th installment of vengeance & justice!!!
     Issue #4 has the title character protecting innocents in his city using his typical vigilante style. 
This is the 3rd issue I've had the honor of illustrating for PLB's mysterious masked bad ass. It was a different kind of fun drawing this issue with a new female character Josh Shockley had introduced in issue #3: Vida. 
      AND SHE WAS: VOODOO CHILD PART 2  has these two characters doing right by dispensing justice where law enforcement can't in The Fall's crime-ridden city. I wanted to give a visual juxtaposition of them in each panel showing their different battles come together as they find out in the end that they are fighting a common foe as the script was cleverly laid out.
     Once again, I had the pleasure of teaming up with writer Josh Shockley & our pages were again, brilliantly lettered by James Dufendach. Here is a peek:

Here's a review for the story:
Voodoo Child: Part 2: And She Was.The most beautiful full page layout is in this comic. It’s an awesome read and fitting for the centerfold. I love the pacing between the dialogue, I love the insight into the two characters that it focuses on, I love the art, I love seeing the American flag in the Fall’s room and saying “Ah ha! I know who the fall is!” And then realizing that I don’t later. I hate that it’s to be continued.
See the full review here:

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All these pages are in gritty black/white & greyscale, beautifully lettered by PLB's James Dufendach.
     Order your copy at www.plbcomics.com or pick one up wherever PLB's comics are sold!


ryan marshall said...

wow! i coloured that cover! awesome. great issue everyone get it!

NIKKOL said...

Your colors are fantastic Ryan :)

shaad afzal said...

fantastic work